Fun Central


Here at 1ST CENTRAL, we believe it’s important to work hard and play hard too. So we introduced Fun Central.

We organise regular events for the whole company to get involved in. Last year we held a number of events such as a race night, a treasure hunt, a quiz night, and a Crystal Amazed event at the 1ST CENTRAL County Ground.

Not only that, but we have 'Payday Friday' once a month where we team up with local bars to offer employees exclusive deals on drinks and entertainment to celebrate the most important day of the month in style.

We also organise fundraising events such as cake sales and fancy dress competitions to raise money for our charities.

Our Fun Central committee gets together once a month to come up with even more fun ideas. We have a calendar on our intranet of all our upcoming events and the team is always on the lookout for fun suggestions.