1st CENTRAL celebrates Wellbeing Week 2018

1st CENTRAL celebrates Wellbeing Week 2018

We’re always looking for ways to encourage our people to get involved in new things. That’s why each year we hold Wellbeing Week.

This year we ran 70 sessions centred around the mental, physical and nutritional wellbeing of our people. Each session was different so there were plenty of things for everyone to sign up to, including nutritional workshops, health MOTs, sleep seminars and lots of fun (and intense) fitness sessions.

Here's a little snippet of what we got up to each day:

The first day of our Wellbeing Week included an engaging ‘managing stress’ workshop to give our employees some great tools to come out on top in stressful situations, as well as a lunchtime walk and run to help get people out enjoying the sunshine that seemed to have been in hiding for the last six months! Walking and running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, that’s why we ran dance, kickboxing and personal trainer sessions for those who liked to mix it up. And to top off a great first day, our team in Gibraltar competed in a mini office Olympics on the terrace.

The morning in our Haywards Heath office started with Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen delivering a plant-based workshop, with some rather impressive vegan sushi! This was followed by a Smoothie Bike Challenge, where we had a couple of VIP tickets to meet some of the Arsenal team up for grabs, for employees who were able to blend their smoothies the fastest.

Over at our Manchester office, we managed to get our hands on a couple of training sessions with Manchester United legends, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville. Needless to say, this session was completely booked out and was a huge success! We also ran sleep seminars and had desk and hand massages to help get everyone nice and refreshed.

Day three of Wellbeing Week saw some great weather strike the UK...perfect timing for our organised lunchtime walk in Haywards Heath and 2.5 mile run along the seafront in Guernsey. Meanwhile, our team in Gibraltar exercised their minds with a trip to Rock Escape Rooms.

We love some healthy competition, and yesterday was no different as we brought in Batak (a reflex game) to test how good our people’s reflexes were. There were some rather impressive scores, we’re surprised we don’t have any professional athletes in the company!

Day four saw a circus skills workshop for the adventurous, where we learnt to the tightrope, juggle, use diablos and hula hoops. For the exercise enthusiasts, there were lunchtime runs and HIIT classes. And for the more chilled there was yoga and gardening on the terrace in Guernsey.
The final day of Wellbeing Week saw superb weather hit all our offices, and what better way to bring what was an exceptional week to a close. With sessions on, it was all about providing our Haywards Heath employees with the tools to help them in their mental wellbeing, with sessions on mindfulness and managing stress. Meanwhile our Manchester team had their final MOT health checks whilst learning what it takes to join a circus at our circus skills workshop.

Across the channel, our Guernsey team made the most of the weather with a lunchtime run in the sun followed by some garage game fun, and closer to the equator, the team in Gibraltar enjoyed desk massages and yoga on the terrace in what’s set to be a scorcher of a summer for them.

Our employee feedback over the course of the week was overwhelmingly positive, and we can't wait to see what Wellbeing Week 2019 brings.