Fun and games in our Office Olympics

Fun and games in our Office Olympics


We got in the spirit to celebrate Rio 2016 with our very own 1ST CENTRAL Office Olympics!

Over the course of two weeks, we held various events and challenges across our three UK office locations, and each department was allocated their very own Olympic country to compete for.

Teams competed for medals in each challenge to try and climb the medal table. From Post-It Fencing to Archery, the competition was fierce.

We cheered our teams around the egg and spoon track and dug out our trainers for the relay race. There were also medals up for grabs for our ‘Best Dressed Department’ challenge, where each team decorated their office area with their country’s flag and local traditions. Some teams even got creative on judging day…Argentina held an Argentinian steak barbecue, while Thailand hosted their very own Full Moon party.

For the not-so-athletic among us, the bake-off not only tempted in the hordes of local Mary Berrys, but raised money for our Charities of the Year too.

All in all, we had fantastic fun and we even raised £400 for charity. Our teams didn’t do quite as well as Team GB, but Poland were our 1ST CENTRAL Office Olympics champions, winning an impressive 9 medals in total. They win a meal out for their team.

Now we’re looking forward to the Winter Olympics in two years’ time.