Find out what we got up to this March at 1st CENTRAL

Find out what we got up to this March at 1st CENTRAL

Here at 1ST CENTRAL we’re always trying to do our bit for charity, and getting our people involved is key to successful fundraising. Each month we host a wide range of activities to help raise much-needed funds for our chosen charities Francis House and St Peters & St James Hospice, as well as other charitable events, making 1ST CENTRAL a fun place to work.

Getting people excited about work can be difficult, but we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways for us to ramp up engagement and this month we hit the jackpot with 1ST CENTRAL Bingo.

We charged just £1 for a bingo card, raising £500 for entrance into a month long game of bingo with some great cash prizes up for grabs.

After just a few days we had our first line winner who took home £25, by the end of week two someone had claimed the £50 prize for two lines and with just two weeks left it was all to play for with a whopping £175 cash prize for the first ‘full-house’, it went down to the last day, when all of a sudden we had an influx of 10 people calling full-house!
Smoothie Stations
From 13th - 17th March we celebrated Nutrition and Hydration week. On the Wednesday we decided to do something a bit different, running Smoothie Stations across our Haywards Heath and Manchester offices.

Can you think of a better way to start the day than with a freshly made mango, passionfruit and orange smoothie?  Now, that’s a good Vitamin C hit!

Charging just 50p for one of our freshly made fruit smoothies we managed to raise almost £160.

Red Nose Day
As one of the biggest fundraising events of the year in the UK, Red Nose Day is always a big day for all at 1ST CENTRAL.

This year we roped the execs into getting involved in a series of games and challenges – it’s all in the name of charity, eh?

Pie Face: The Management Edition
Would your CEO risk a pie to the face? That's exactly what our CEO, Andy James, did as he went head to head against our Finance Director, Ian Wood.

We asked for a minimum £2 donation with all those correctly guessed who got pied would then be entered into a draw to win an Amazon Firestick. You can catch the battle here!

Cream Pie Ali Spencer
There’s always someone in the company you just want to throw a pie in their face and at 1ST CENTRAL it’s no different. The lucky / unlucky victim (however you look at it) was Head of Product Development, Ali Spencer.

We asked our people to donate for their chance to pie Ali. We pulled three names out of the list and miraculously two of the three were from his own team!

This one was a big crowd pleaser, and we’re fairly certain it’ll be making a comeback for 2018…

Adele the Penguin
No, unfortunately, we don’t mean the one and only Adele. However, this Adele is a close second. We managed to get our Personal Injury Manager, Adele Seaborn to agree to dress up as a penguin for the day if we were able to raise £100. We’ll give you a hint…we smashed it.

She even went round dishing out Penguin chocolate bars to everyone – what a trooper!

Red Nose Day Team Photo Competition
We love a bit of team bonding and we’ve discovered over the years that one of the best ways to do this is through a photo competition, yes you heard that correctly.

We got our people to put their thinking caps on to come up with the best team photo for Red Nose
Day for their chance to win a £100 Prezzo voucher – there were some brilliant entries!

Red Nose Day Bake Off
Our people are a talented bunch and baking is clearly one they all excel at, well some of them anyway.

We hosted three bake-offs across our Haywards Heath and Manchester offices and had some very worthy winners. Once the competition was over it became a free-for-all as our bake off turned into a delicious bake sale.

Guess how many Red Noses are in the car?
At 1ST CENTRAL our fundraising efforts aren’t just internal. This year we took to social media to help raise some money for comic relief.

We took a children's mini and filled it with red noses asking the public to guess how many red noses were in the car, for every guess we would donate £1 to Red Nose Day.

Our efforts over the course of Red Nose Day 2017 definitely didn’t go in vain, as we managed to donate just over £800.
Something we’ve found over the years is that where there’s something a bit dangerous or something that’ll get adrenalin pumping, our people will jump at the chance, or in this case jump out of a plane.

At the back end of 2016 we asked our people if they were brave enough to do a charity skydive and 15 of them took the plunge, literally.

All 15 have now landed safely to deliver a whopping £4,840 for our charities!

March’s fundraising total: £5,816