Daddy not so cool: Driving with dad sends kids round the bend

Daddy not so cool: Driving with dad sends kids round the bend

New research from 1ST CENTRAL car insurance has found that kids are left cringing by the embarrassing things that their parents do in the car. From singing along to the radio, to dropping kids right outside the school gate and even just talking to their kids’ friends, nearly two thirds of children (64 per cent) admit that their parents’ in-car antics leave them shrinking in their seats.

It seems that children have to endure six years of cringeworthy car journeys with the folks, as they start to feel red-faced from the age of nine, with this embarrassment not abating until they reach 15 years old. The research also revealed that dads are the worst offenders with nearly two fifths of children (37 per cent) saying they leave them blushing in the car, compared to one third of mums (33 per cent).

Top ten most embarrassing things parents can do in a car:

  1. Sing
  2. Drop kids at school gates
  3. Wave or shout out the window
  4. Chat to kids’ friends
  5. Get road rage
  6. Play music loudly
  7. Drop kids off directly at a party
  8. Get lost
  9. Struggle to park
  10. Be affectionate with their partner

To avoid these in-car cringes kids are taking matters into their own hands, with nearly a fifth (20 per cent) plugging in their headphones to avoid being driven round the bend by their parents’ awkward behaviour. More than a tenth (13 per cent) have asked to be dropped off around the corner from their destination and another tenth (11 per cent) have walked rather than get a lift.

Whilst parents clearly cause their kids to cringe in the car, the roles also reverse. Nearly three fifths of parents (59 per cent) admit they get embarrassed by their children too. More than a tenth of parents (11 per cent) wince in their seats when their kids unintentionally reveal a secret to their friends. But parents are most mortified when their children throw a tantrum in the car (20 per cent) and fight with their siblings (18 per cent), which not only embarrasses mum and dad but can prevent them from driving safely as well.

Andy James, UK CEO at 1ST CENTRAL said: “Driving your children around in the car can be a great way to talk to them and find out about their lives, provided of course that they aren’t ignoring you for fear of embarrassment. Whilst kids can make parents shift in their seats too, it’s important that they remain calm whilst driving, ensuring a safe, if sometimes cringeworthy, journey for all.”