Celebrating customer service

Celebrating customer service


This week we’ve been celebrating National Customer Service Week and all things customer service.
Customer service doesn’t just apply to those of us who speak to our customers on a daily basis. Great service requires us all to work together; whether we’re customer facing or back office. Every one of us is responsible for a different cog in the 1ST CENTRAL machine, which together, provides the product, service and experience our customers deserve.
Throughout the week, we ran a number of activities to celebrate good customer service, recognise our employees and further improve the way we do things.
On Monday, we sent two members of our leadership team back to the classroom to learn how to use our system and help a customer on the phone.
Chief Commercial Officer, Andy James, and Chief Information Officer, John Davison, rolled up their sleeves and picked up the phone to help a special customer (Martin from our Learning & Development team) with a change to their policy.
Speaking about the exercise, John said: "I have always had a huge admiration for our colleagues 'on the front line' and this exercise served to reinforce how important it is that our systems and processes support the work they have to do."

Meanwhile, Andy commented: "It took me back to when I used to be customer facing all those years ago, which was good as it's important to keep the customer at the heart of what we do and I enjoyed re-engaging with a ‘customer’.”
Tuesday was all about agility. Customer service has come along way in the last 10 years, especially when you think about social media and web chat. As a business, we have to make changes, often quickly, without losing momentum or vision, in order to provide the service that customers expect.
On Wednesday, our team leaders, managers and execs from the Contact Centre and Claims department spent the day sitting with their teams, listening to calls and coaching. Not only was it a chance for everyone to work together to help deliver the right customer service, but it was a great way for our colleagues on the phone to hear what they were doing well and how they could do even better.
In such a competitive market, the customer experience we provide can really help us stand out and make our customers want to stay with us. That’s why we’ve been working on our new customer experience vision, which we launched on Thursday. To create our vision, we asked our customers, our executive team and our people from across the company to share what they believe makes for a good customer experience.

1st-CENTRAL-NCSW18-cupcake-1.jpgWhilst this week has been all about our customers, we couldn’t deliver our target customer experience without our people. So, to round off National Customer Service Week, some of our leadership team handed out cupcakes around our offices on Friday, as a small thank you to our employees for the work they do.

Happy Customer Service Week, everyone!