Business Change

Business Change

Changes to the business can originate from new ideas, legal or regulatory requirements or improvements to existing business processes. Our Business Change department is here to make sure everything goes swimmingly during this period. 

Think of it like spinning plates, with a constant supply of plates being provided – with project managers doing the spinning, analysts sorting out the plates, the Project Management Office (PMO) making sure we do it the right way and testers preventing breakages. They all pull together to deliver a good performance.

The types of projects the team deals with can vary in size from a few days to many months. At 1ST CENTRAL this could be anything from the implementation of a new system to an office move.

Through understanding the needs of our business, the Analyst team adds value by providing solutions to business problems and supporting the business through the changes.

Our Testing team is the last line of defence before changes can go live. The testing itself can vary from functional testing (to test new changes and improvements), to regression testing (to check that existing functionality has not broken). 

The project managers and Project Management Office, meanwhile, make sure we’re doing things right. They define and maintain the standards and processes related to project management within the organisation.

What does it take to work in Business Change?

A passion for change, a great eye for detail, and loads of energy and enthusiasm.