Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

As an insurance company, we deal with lots and lots of data. Our BI department loves statistics and figures and they help the business realise its potential through the analytics of smart and accurate intelligence.

The department consists of five areas which look after our data. The quality of this data is crucial so it can be analysed and reported on in order to forecast our income, head count requirements and understand the performance of the business to help us achieve our business strategy.

The Service Delivery (SD) function supports the processing and prioritisation of data and analytics requests to encourage the effective running of the department.

The Data Integration (DI) team, meanwhile, provides the technical expertise required to gather the operational data from the systems and applications used by the business, as well as third party organisations.

Our Management Information (MI) team is responsible for all of the company's reports, including daily, weekly or monthly reports as well as ad-hoc requests.

The Operational Analysis (OA) team provides insight to various areas of the business with the goal of supporting the departments in meeting their key targets.

Our Business Modelling (BM) team is responsible for the projection of all performance metrics that define how the company operates and generates income.

What does it take to work in Business Intelligence?

A love of data, numbers, statistics and analytics.