Counter Fraud Services

Counter Fraud Services

Our CFS department is responsible for ensuring that the company and our genuine customers are protected from the impact of fraud.

The team also assists in protecting the business from the risks associated with money laundering and funding terrorism, and has close working relationships with other departments, as well as counter fraud organisations, the police and regulators.

Not only do they provide a range of counter fraud services to the company, but they play a key role in managing third party personal injury claims made against 1ST CENTRAL policyholders.

We have a number of teams within the CFS department.

Our Fraud Analysis team, for example, is responsible for identifying and investigating inconsistencies in policies and taking the appropriate action. We use a wide range of data, including detailed internet searches to investigate suspicious insurance claims and policies.

In instances where fraudulent activity is identified, the team is responsible for uploading details of the fraudsters to shared databases used by insurers and the wider financial services industry to prevent that person from escaping detection elsewhere.

Meanwhile, our Claims Investigation & Intelligence team focuses its attention on researching fraudulent personal injury claims using a range of tactics.

We conduct telephone interviews with policyholders and witnesses, external specialist investigators, forensic vehicle examiners and defendant law firms to gather data. This data is then used to prevent fraudsters from purchasing or renewing policies, making changes to existing policies and obtaining funds through fraudulent insurance claims.

What does it take to work in Counter Fraud Services?

Excellent attention to detail, good investigative skills and the ability to keep a cool head in challenging situations.