HR and Learning & Development

HR and Learning & Development

Our people are vital in helping to make 1ST CENTRAL a successful business, so it’s important that we look after them.

The HR and Learning & Development department supports employees in all aspects relating to employment and learning and development. In a nutshell, we’re here to make 1ST CENTRAL a great place to work!

Our HR team provides support across the business in relation to recruitment, payroll and benefits, employee performance and development, employee welfare, and any other matters relating to employees. We focus on recruiting and retaining high quality employees who can develop with the company as it grows.

The Learning & Development team is committed to providing a positive and encouraging learning environment that will assist employees in developing their career at 1ST CENTRAL. We currently have 32 courses and the team is always working to devise new courses to meet the needs of the business.

What does it take to work in HR and Learning & Development?

You’ll need to be a people person, be focused on employee engagement, and have a passion for making 1ST CENTRAL a great place to work.