Information Technology

Information Technology (IT)

All good companies need a robust and reliable IT department in order to meet its business objectives. Here at 1ST CENTRAL, we have just that.

Our IT team provides a good service through both our own internal systems and third party suppliers. Activities range from essential operations to allow users to log on and access our many services, through to development and implementation of new or upgraded systems.

The Service Desk is the point of contact for all common requirements to the IT department. Here, we can quickly direct an employee’s request to the right place and provide user notifications to maintain visibility of its activity status. The team consists of both junior and senior technicians who are equipped to remedy any IT issues and fulfil requests for small changes such as new users, desk moves or new equipment.

Although often unnoticed, our Infrastructure team works hard to support the flow of data across our organisation and partner network, and provides IT services, allowing employees to do their job efficiently. These services include receiving customer calls or handling customer business and claims, all while retaining security to protect sensitive data, and providing reliable systems capable of withstanding failure even, for example, during a power cut at one of our offices.

What does it take to work in IT?

An interest in technology and a talent for problem solving to ensure everything runs smoothly.