Our Stories - Corporate Finance

Craig Turner

Broker Accountant

Craig Turner works as a Broker Accountant within the 1ST CENTRAL Corporate Finance team in Haywards Heath.

Current role

I’m a Broker Accountant, working in the Corporate Finance department. I provide the financial accounting of the technical and broker balances in the company. It involves working with several people across the business to ensure that we have integrity in our accounts from a Broker perspective.

How long have you been working at 1ST CENTRAL?

I started here in July 2012.

Tell us about your career path here at 1ST CENTRAL.

I came out of university looking to get a foothold in a Finance department. Luckily for me, an opportunity came along at 1ST CENTRAL around the time I graduated! I started in the Technical Accounts team and then moved into the Finance team after a year. Now I’ve taken on the Broker role, which has helped me develop and broaden my knowledge, as well as helping me along the way to my accountancy qualification, which I am just about to complete.

What do you love about your current role?

I love how I get to interact with people across the business as well as our external stakeholders. It has really opened my eyes to how we operate as a company. It’s very a hand-on role and there is a lot of opportunity here to add value.

What’s the best thing about 1ST CENTRAL as a company?

The people I work with. Everyone is very cooperative and friendly – they’re always around if you need support or have any queries. I’ve noticed this especially working in Corporate Finance. The company also hosts good social events such as Total Wipeout, which is a lot of fun.

What did you want to be as a kid?

I wanted to be many different things growing up. I was very sporty and active, so I wanted to get involved in sports; either playing or looking at the science side of it. Alternatively, I would’ve liked to have been an astronomer as I’ve always been interested in the wide scope of the universe.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

If I’m not studying for exams, I enjoy spending my time keeping fit by doing park runs and going to the gym regularly. I also enjoy taking my nieces out on weekends and doing some cool stuff with them.

Who would play you in the movie about your life?

I would probably say Daniel Ratcliffe. People say if I had a scar and glasses, I’d look like Harry Potter. I’ll let you be the judge of that!