Our Stories - Corporate Governance

Adam King

Compliance Business Partner

Adam works as a Compliance Business Partner in the 1ST CENTRAL Corporate Governance team in Haywards Heath.

Current role

I work within the Corporate Governance as a Compliance Business Partner. I provide assurance to the business regarding regulatory adherence and assist the Compliance Officer with delivery of the Annual Compliance Monitoring Plan, investigatory activities, and monthly and quarterly reviews. 

How long have you been working at 1ST CENTRAL?

Since February 2012.

Tell us about your career path here at 1ST CENTRAL.

I started in the Credit Control team in 2012 as a member of the twilight team, and within a week, became a full-time employee.
The role involved a combination of administrative and telephony work for customers in debt and default positions. A year later I progressed to the position of Credit Control Senior, looking after a team and completing further administrative and dispute resolution work.
Following this I changed role to a Credit Control Coach, where I provided training and development to the telephony agents. The role was adapted to include oversight of controls and improvements within the department, documenting critical process maps and control matrices. Then in October 2014 I moved to the OCEO and my current role within Compliance.

What do you love about your current role?

I enjoy the variety in my day, allowing me to learn about different parts of the business, and provide recommendations to business areas to ensure our customers are receiving fair treatment.

What’s the best thing about 1ST CENTRAL as a company?

The chance for different opportunities and continuous development in a friendly working atmosphere.

What did you want to be as a kid?

I wanted to be one of the characters in a TV show called Old Bear who came to life and explored when the owner was gone, like a less modern Toy Story, so no real ambition corporately as a child.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Learning fun facts and laughing with friends.

Who would play you in the movie about your life?

Tom Hiddleston as he’s an English gent. Hopefully he’ll make the movie a success, and therefore increase my royalties (merchandise yet to be decided).